The Afghan Taliban's Intransigence on Counterterrorism and the Escalation of Regional Terrorism: Strategic Directions for Pakistan


  • Sajid Kiani Doctoral Candidate, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, National Defense University (NDU) Islamabad



Afghan Taliban, Counterterrorism, Regional Terrorism, Pakistan


In recent years, the threat of terrorism has considerably increased in the South Asian region. Pakistan, in particular, has been experiencing a hike in terror activity since the onset of 2021. This rise in the security challenges posed by terrorism to the region comes in tandem with the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the Afghan Taliban’s return to power in Kabul. This research paper attempts to contextualize and understand the rise of terrorism across the region particularly under the Taliban administration. The paper concludes that owing to the Taliban’s ideological and operational ties with several militant groups in the area, the Afghan Taliban have remained relatively unable to restrain their activities. Consequently, militancy in the region is on the path of strengthening, thereby becoming a dire security challenge for regional peace and security in general, and Pakistan’s security in particular.


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