The Socio-Political Contribution of Nawab Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani in District Muzaffargarh


  • Muhammad Ajaz Assistant Professor, Department of History, Government College Sinanwan, M.Garh
  • Dr. Sohail Akhtar Lecturer, Department of History, Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan



Mushtaq Gurmani, Muzaffargarh, Politician, Social Worker, Society


This study is the first basic work, which primarily deals with the socio-political contribution of Gurmani tribe in district Muzaffargarh. The contribution of the family is examined through their services in multi-sectors of the society to uplift and improve the life standard of the people in the region. From the colonial era the family of Mian Mehboob Gurmani considered important and had a status in the region as he was appointed an honorary magistrate with judicial powers. Later Nawab Mushtaq Gurmani and Mian Ghuam Jelani also played a remarable role in the politics of united India particularly in elections 1945-46. After the emergence of Pakistan Nawab Mushtaq Gurmani played an active role in the politics of west Pakistan as he served governor of west Pakistan during one unit. Later the foundation of Gurmani welfare foundation is a significant work which is a multi-dimensional organization which is serving the people in the region through education and health. This research article explores and highlights the services of Garmani Family in Muzaffargarh.


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